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Coffee Anyone


We here at Classic Paper Doll LOVE coffee. The coffee culture has grown over the years and they are not your average "cup of joe" places anymore. We wanted to share with you our 10 best coffee shops around Los Angeles. They are to die for. 


1. Verve  This Santa Cruz-based roaster opened up in downtown L.A Fashion District. Their über-hip baristas will get you hand dripped coffees, lattes, juices and their pastries are amazing too. And the ambiance is unbelievable.


2. Espresso Cielo  This corner spot, just two blocks from the beach, located on the south end of the busy section of Main Street in Santa Monica, features a glistening interior with marble and black and light blue interior. Even the coffee mugs are light blue. They're famous for the lattes and slow dripped cold brews. And their croissants are decadent, even though they are not made there.


3. Go Get Em Tiger  Located in Larchmont Village. The pastries are great and they are all made in house. The waffle with ricotta and berries is awesome. You have to try that, a well as everything else there. Their coffee drinks include espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos and shakes. Oh and their sweet tea lattes. Especially their iced almond-macadamia milk latte.


4. TAZA. A social coffee house.  The storefront is located in Arcadia on Huntington Drive. They have a great coffee lineup and pastries from different stores (donuts from Donut Snob, macaroons, etc), but their liege waffles and affogatos are made to order (using Fosselman’s ice cream) which taste like they are from heaven. 


5. Cognoscenti Coffee  Amidst Culver City's art galleries this coffee shop has a very modern space with great attention to detail with their coffees. The espresso sits really well with creamy and sweet Straus milk. Cognoscenti baristas know how to present their product, the foam quality was top notch and the latte art has been consistently precise on every visit.

6. G&B Coffee  At the Grand Central Market in Downtown Los Angeles, this coffee shop has a 360 counter that serves customers from every direction. How cool is that. They not only serve drip coffees and perfect espressos, but their shakes are dreamy as well. You also have to try their waffles with ricotta cheese and jam, or maple syrup or their bread toast with cinnamon sugar or house made jam. You will not be disappointed. 


 7. Blacktop Coffee  In the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. They serve high quality Sightglass coffee and Straus milk and breakfast treats like avocado toast, poached eggs and granola. Minimalist is the word that can explain the whole feel at this place. 


8. Copa Vida  Located in Pasadena, this shop is so clean and stylish. First impression was "this place is so bright and spacious!" They serve coffee, tea, juice, great pastries and sandwiches. I loved their latte, it tasted creamy and so heavenly with the blueberry muffin. Their slogan reads "coffee, tea, life".....


9. Menotti’s Coffee Stop  Like literally right on beach in Venice. Every morning a different Four Barrel roast is brewed by hand by Nicely, who is the world latte art champ. Tried the Caffe Rico and WOW!!!! It was unbelievable. This is a double shot with a house-made Tahitian vanilla syrup, clover whole milk and a twist of orange zest topped off with a dusting of cinnamon. Sweet, but without the overly sweetened flavors of pump syrups.


10. Intelligentsia  Located in Silver Lake, this place is like a Spanish style atmosphere with a lot of space. Coffee is very rich and robust. Their Almond Milk Cappuccino is to die for, as well as the Angeleno, which is comprised of 4 shots of Black Cat espresso, Straus milk, and agave sweetener all shaken and iced to give you the perfect iced coffee drink. They have a vast array of teas as well with pastries.

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